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Top UCLA news stories of 2019

UCLA began observing its 100th birthday and delivered new advances in research, health care, the arts, community service and teaching.

Teach Our Children Well

UCLA is reviving and enriching a previously declining school in the heart of the inner city. Meet the Horace Mann UCLA Community School.

23 places off campus where UCLA rules

From remote scientific research stations to an urban art gallery and a downtown health clinic, UCLA’s influence is felt all over. How many do you know?

More than hiking and campfires at UCLA camp

A summer camp run by UCLA students offers unprivileged 10- to 18-year-olds from Los Angeles a chance to see the outdoors, learn teamwork and get motivated about college.

If This Walk Could Talk

UCLA’s Bruin Walk is a place of bustling activity that echoes with a history as varied and innovative as the university itself.

Bruins in Love

Westwood has been a catalyst for Love since it first opened — a UCLA tradition of the finest kind. Here’s how the campus played matchmaker for a few couples.
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