The new urbanscape

UCLA Magazine: UCLA’s cityLAB is working ahead of the curve to engineer changes in the role of physical spaces in the digital era.

WOMP with your fellow Bruins May 31

Volunteer for the fifth annual Westwood Organized Meaningful Project (WOMP) on Saturday, May 31, in a day of community improvement projects in Westwood Village and the North Village.

Village businesses offer discounts to UCLA employees

UCLA staff, faculty and students can now take advantage of discounts and incentives from 20 participating shops and restaurants, thanks to a new program created by the Westwood Village Improvement Association.

Student club infuses kindness into campus and community culture

Random Acts of Kindness at UCLA offers free hugs on Bruin Walk several times a year. Passersby can order any one of a dozen varieties. How many UCLA students does it take to give a hug?   It seems the answer lies in what kind of hug it...
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