Change Agent


The Suffragent

How Victor Shi took up the crusade to get Gen Z out of apathy and into the voting booth — and became a social media star in the process.

Building a Portfolio of Hope

Mining her own life for inspiration, Erika Hirugami is turning a spotlight on the beautiful art of undocumented creatives. She’s also changing their lives.

The Honorable Madam Secretary

As California’s secretary of state, Shirley Weber fights — for diversity and inclusion, for education, and to make sure every vote counts.

The Miracle Worker

For more than 35 years, Dr. Gary Parker has lived and worked aboard a Mercy Ship, helping the world’s poorest disfigured people.

The Storyteller

With Bruin blood running through his veins, Walter Thompson-Hernández is bringing amazing chronicles to the world, one medium at a time.

The Impressionist

Karen Mack believes the solution to what ails Los Angeles can be found at the intersection of art and civics.

Food of the City

At Ray Garcia’s latest venture, Asterid at Disney Hall, the cuisine is inspired by L.A. and its diverse cultures.

Telling the Stories of Climate Change

Although science is the basis of Peter Prengaman’s work as a climate and environmental news director, he always looks for the human angle.

Change Agent: Breaking Barriers

All-American gymnast Sadiqua Bynum ’16 may have fallen into Hollywood’s stunt world, but she landed on her feet and hit the ground running.

Change Agent: Politics, Explained

Ezra Klein ’05 discusses the challenges of journalism, writing his debut book, what he learned at UCLA and the Trump presidency.

Change Agent: Politics and the Press

At The Washington Post, Matea Gold leads a team of investigative reporters trying to sort out and report the facts amid the complexities of today’s polarized political system.

Rainbow Radio

Kathy Tu couldn’t speak English when she came to the U.S. at age 5. Now she’s a popular voice for the LGBTQ community and beyond at New York’s WNYC.

Change Agent: Problem Solver

Software designer Evan Sullivan ’13 is developing apps that enable drivers to remotely control their cars.

True Believer

After years of working as a newspaper reporter, ​​​​​​​X-Files executive producer Frank Spotnitz found his true calling in television.

Sustained Effort

Jaime Nack has built a thriving business creating sustainability plans for corporate, government and nonprofit clients.

Diving Into Film

Karina Silva has applied the skills she learned as an athlete toward her career in cinematography.

Change Agent: Girl Power

Bruin Diana Skaar has created a solid place for herself in Google’s high-tech arena. Now she wants to get girls of all ages to come along.
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