Change Agent


Change Agent: Breaking Barriers

All-American gymnast Sadiqua Bynum ’16 may have fallen into Hollywood’s stunt world, but she landed on her feet and hit the ground running.

Change Agent: Politics, Explained

Ezra Klein ’05 discusses the challenges of journalism, writing his debut book, what he learned at UCLA and the Trump presidency.

Change Agent: Politics and the Press

At The Washington Post, Matea Gold leads a team of investigative reporters trying to sort out and report the facts amid the complexities of today’s polarized political system.

Change Agent: Problem Solver

Software designer Evan Sullivan ’13 is developing apps that enable drivers to remotely control their cars.

A Ceiling Shattered

ABC’s new head of entertainment is determined to win with a diverse lineup of TV shows that reflect what America really looks like.

Basic Instinct

Basic cable is the go-to place for TV dramas. Michael Wright ’87, executive vice president and head of programming for Turner cable networks, is a big reason why.

Designing Woman

Kahi Lee ’99, founder of design firm Kahi Lee Lifestyle, recently designed a luxury penthouse for the just-opened W Hollywood.

The Traffic Whisperer

Eric Morris M.A. ’06 was a child actor and a TV screenwriter. But he left the roar of the crowd for a career as an urban scholar.
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