Counting votes — and making votes count

UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs students get a valuable lesson in voting and elections from California Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Los Angeles County Registrar Dean Logan.

Putting post-election protests in historical perspective

The wave of protests that erupted after Donald J. Trump’s unexpected presidential victory was no surprise to Zachary Steinert-Threlkeld, an assistant professor in the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs Department of Public Policy.

UCLA faculty voice: Why don’t women rule the world?

That most people have never heard of Hatshepsut — a pharaoh of ancient Egypt, who was the greatest female ruler of the ancient world — is emblematic of the challenges women have always faced in politics, writes UCLA Egyptologist Kara Cooney.

The economy elects presidents, but presidents elect Congress

UCLA professor Lynn Vavreck writes in The New York Times that if the Democrats lose the Senate, it would follow recent electoral history for the party of an unpopular president. Also, watch a video of Vavreck speaking about political TV ads.
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